We Pray - Fostar

Fast rising Gospel Artist FOSTAR who hails from the Southern part of Nigeria has released another amazing sound 'WE PRAY'. This song encourages us to seek God as He is the source of all things.

Shower us with your grace oh oh
Heal our land again oh oh oh oh oh
Transforming us with words eh eh eh
Renewing our minds again eh eh

Oghene Ode (Big God)
We pray
Ovie ro re vie (King of Kings)
We pray
We pray
Omevwe yo mevwe Oghenerode (Big God)
We pray

So we say we pray
We pray for life
We pray for help
We pray for your hand
So we say we pray
Ah ah ahnnn
Show your face again
We want you God

You are the answering giving God
Nothing’s hard for you
Your ears are open to our cry
I rely on you
And you have made a way before for me
You will see us through
Lord I trust in you
Yes I trust in you

We pray for life
We pray for grace
We pray for love
We pray for understanding
We pray for your mercies God

Everybody know say you dey do am
Na only you when dey fit dey do am
If nor be you who go fit dey do am
We nor Dey fear cos na you go do am

So we say we pray
We pray for life
We pray for grace
Lord we pray Ahhh
We pray and we cry and we call on you
So we pray ehh Fostar pray
Let us pray
Nigeria pray
Ghana pray
Togo pray
Angola pray
USA pray
Italy pray
Everybody pray
Pray for grace
Pray for God to show us His hands
Let us pray

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